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Adopt-a-Plant Program

Why adopt a plant?
Be part of the regional movement to build food resiliency
and develop varieties that work well in our areas,

By planting varieties that you love to grow and eat, you ensure that your favorites will be preserved for future gardeners.

Who should adopt a plant?
Anyone who is interested in building a more resilient local food system
Anyone who wants to save a favorite heirloom plant
Anyone who wants to preserve genetic diversity
Anyone who is interested in seed-saving
Anyone who loves to eat good food

How to adopt a plant
Adopting a plant requires nothing more than an interest and a seed.
We are in the process of developing a database of people and plants. If you are interested in being a part of the database and are willing
to share seed in the future, contact Wendy at

Making a commitment to grow and save seed from a specific plant will help us to develop a robust regional seed database As more of us become involved, more varieties can be preserved and shared.

Adopt-a-Plant Information for Database

Your name____________________________________________

Your email or contact information__________________________

Your location__________________________________________

Growing zone_________________________________________

Scientific Name________________________________________

Common Name(s)______________________________________

Date Planted__________________________________________

Plant Source__________________________________________

Seed to Share(Yes/No)/Year _____________________________

Growing Conditions (plant spacing, other plants growing nearby, weather, microclimates)

Other comments